Our History

Where We Started

10 February 1960


The origins of Compassive date back to August 8, 1907. Founded by Charles W. Iles, Ira Moller and Ardis Peterson, Compassive opened its doors at 575 S Kenwood Ave 3 in Chicago, IL. The funeral home continued under that management until 1979 when Mr. Iles became the sole owner.


Since the 1980s, our network of funeral homes has been extensively growing. In 1981, Charles W. Iles together with LeRoy Dunn established the funeral home at the old residence at 805 Pleasant Street in Los Angeles, CA.


Later, Mr. Dunn put into realization a dream which had become his life ambition – developing the most modern funeral network in the country and offering high-quality funeral services.

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Personal Approach

Compassive's funeral directors know that each funeral is unique and that a funeral that has been personalised to the memories of the deceased, as well as to the needs of the family, is a funeral that will be remembered for years to come. Compassive's funeral directors will therefore work beside you to include special services.

Notable People

Olivia Grosh

Manager & Funeral Director


Olivia Grosh is the manager at the Compassive Cemetery & Funeral Services. She has completed the National Diploma in Funeral...

Mark Johnson

Manager & Funeral Director


Mark Johnson is the Manager at Compassive Cemetery & Funeral Services and also a registered funeral director...

Jessica Priston

Funeral Director


Jessica Priston joined the team at Compassive Cemetery & Funeral Services in 2014. With an extensive background in medical...

Sam Kromstain

Funeral Director


Sam Kromstain is a Funeral Director at the Compassive Cemetery & Funeral Services. He has worked previously in funeral service, but...

Our Network

What Sets Us Apart

10 February 1984


Compassive NC, a member of the Compassive network in Apex, North Carolina, has served area families since 1982 with unmatched services and compassionate, professional care. The funeral home became a part of our network in 1987.

Compassive Grandview

20 May 2012


Grandview Funeral Home was built at 3211 Hubbell Avenue by Gregory Gullick, an alumni of Dunn’s Funeral Home in 1970. Mr. Gullick sold the business a number of years later to Charles W. Iles and co-owners of Compassive.

Compassive Brandt

10 April 2016


Brandt Funeral Home was founded in Dallas Center in 1930 by August Brandt. Upon August’s death in the late 1960’s his son, Don Brandt continued to own and operate the funeral home. In 1987 Charles W. Iles purchased Brandt Funeral Home.