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Bradley & Bilston's truly independent, family owned and run Funeral Director - with you since 1850

Despite first appearances, A & A Walters are the only established family owned Funeral Director in Bradley & Bilston having served the local community for five generations of our family. We believe that by being independent and not part of a large corporate organisation enables us to provide an unrivalled level of personal service, commitment and care to you and your loved one. 

Our Bilston Office is ideally situated to care for families in Bradley and Bilston as well as Darlaston, Lanesfield, Parkfields, Walsall, Wednesfield, Willenhall and Wolverhampton.

Our newest branch is the former 'Ivy's Flower Shop' in Bradley, Bilston. We have known Ivy for many years and so when she decided to retire, we thought it was the obvious choice from which to continue to serve the local community. Ivy is a local institution having had a shop on this site for well over 50 years. We thought it was only fitting therefore to officially name the building in her honour!

'Ivy House' has now undergone an extensive and a high quality makeover. In addition to the facilities you would expect - comfortable, private family rooms and a large, light and airy chapel of rest, we also have an indoor memorial showroom.

Although we pride ourselves on our high level of service, our prices have always been and remain amongst the most competitive of any local funeral director. You may pay a great deal more for a funeral elsewhere, however the quality and level of service will be no better.

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    Bilston's family owned Funeral Director

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    Est. 1850 and still locally owned by the Walters family

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    who have served the local community for five generations

Ivy House 

153 ~ 159 Dudley Street


WV14 0LA

t: (01902) 495384


Respect ~ Integrity ~ Flexibility ~ Value 

These have remained the cornerstones of our business since William Walters first opened as a Wheelright and Undertaker in Tipton in 1850. We tailor our services to your requirements and you won't be asked to pay for services that you don't want or need.

What do we have to offer?

Its nice to know who you are talking to


If you are like most people, you find it easier to deal with someone you know. How many large businesses can you think of where you have a direct line to the Managing Director? We believe that this increases the flexibility and personal service that we are able to offer you and your loved one.

Devoted to families, not profits


Large corporations answer to shareholders, we answer to you. In our family business there is no pressure from Head Office to increase profits. We know that our business will do well when we serve you well. 

Small business, high standards


Although our business is small by some standards, it does not limit us in the services we are able to offer you. With our significant experience in all aspects of the profession we are able to assist your family in dealing with any eventuality, regardless of wherever the death may have occurred. 

Part of the Community

Funeral Directing is a way of life for our family and has been since 1850. Our values are your values and we remain deeply committed to upholding the stringent professional standards as set out by the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), of which we are a long-term member.  


Personal Relationship


When you family suffers the loss of a loved one, it can be comforting to know your Funeral Director. We make every effort to be involved in our local community and to create the kind of personal relationships which lead to individual, sensitive care.