Funeral plans uncovered on ITV news

Finally. ITV have exposed some of the hidden costs to purchasing certain types of funeral plan...

FInd out what ITV has discovered here.


At A & A Walters we have been doing our best to raise awareness of this for some time on our Facebook page and in the local press.

What it shows is that you ONLY get a good deal with a Funeral Plan if you purchase one DIRECTLY from a trusted, established Funeral Director.


The only cost that does not go into our Independent Way funeral Plans is the £249.00 fee charged by Golden Charter for administering the funeral plan and this is made clear when someone takes out a plan.


Some funeral plan providers and Funeral Directors (I would love to name them but sadly I can't,) sell funeral plans online, via third-party funeral plan 'consultants' some of who say that they are acting for a local Funeral Director, in florists and I am told have even sold them on a stall at Bilston market! We have seen examples of plans where up to £1000 has been creamed off for marketing and other costs. Think about it, why would a third-party sell something if they aren't also taking a cut!?


Unfortunately if someone is duped into purchasing a funeral plan in this way they are likely to come unstuck. We have encountered a number of people who have had up to 1/3 of the cost of what they paid for the funeral plan taken by certain plan providers and third-parties. 


Let me say it again for the record... not all Funeral Directors are the same and the same goes for the funeral plans that they are selling. At A & A Walters we only sell our own 'Independent Way' plans linked to Golden Charter. With the exception of the £249.00 set up fee  (charged by Golden Charter, not us,) ALL of the money paid is put into a trust fund managed by Golden Charter Trust. It is separate from their business and our business. If we weren't happy with these plans then we wouldn't sell them as it would reflect negatively on our family name.