What is a funeral plan?

The money you pay is held in trust until such times it is called upon. It is not held by A & A Walters or associated companies.

A pre-paid funeral plan is a secure and cost-effective method of ensuring that your funeral is arranged and paid for with the minimum of fuss. Money that you pay is held by the Golden Charter Trust Fund. By taking out a pre-paid Funeral Plan also means that any wishes you have for the arrangements will be carried out in accordance with your instructions.

Please be aware that not all funeral plans are the same. We have searched the market on your behalf and we believe that the 'Independent Way Funeral Plan' offered by us through Golden Charter is the best quality and value for money funeral plan available. Many package plans available on-line are priced artificially low as they include only an 'allowance' towards disbursements, which can leave families with a much larger disbursement shortfall to pay at the time of need.

You may have seen news reports exposing some funeral plan providers as spending up to 1/3 of a client's fund on marketing and other third-party costs - that means only 2/3 of what a person has invested in a funeral plan goes towards paying for their funeral expenses -  YES there are these types of plans out there, but our 'Independent Way Funeral Plan' backed by Golden Charter isn't one of them! - read our blog to find out more

What are the payment options?


You can pay for your plan in a single payment by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. Alternatively, you can pay by instalments with Direct Debit over any period up to 120 months. There is no extra charge if you choose to pay within 12 months (subject to terms & conditions.)

What funeral plans do A & A Walters offer?


At A & A Walters we prefer to offer the 'Independent Way' Funeral Plan which is a bespoke plan fully supported by Golden Charter Funeral Plans. The' Independent Way' has the same level of protection for your money, but enables you to have a plan tailored to your exact requirements. This is different to the packaged plans discussed on the Golden Charter website or by those offered by many other providers.

A & A Walters are the

Golden Charter

'National Funeral Planner of the Year ~ 2012'

Golden Charter

'West Mids. & North Wales Funeral Planner of the Year'

8-times Winner

What are the benefits of an

A & A Walters funeral plan?

At A & A Walters we believe that we know a thing or two about funeral plans. Take out a funeral plan with us and be assured of the benefits:

  • You are able to organise every detail of your funeral
  • Relieve your family of worry and uncertainty
  • Guarantee the costs of our services*
  • Financial security
  • Value for money
  • You ensure that your funeral is carried out by A & A Walters in accordance with your wishes
  • You are in safe hands, A. & A. Walters have been caring for families since 1850 and are 8-time winners of the 'Funeral Planner of the Year' award.

*Although the funeral director's own fees are fully guaranteed for the services requested within the plan, additional charges maybe requested at time of need for third-party disbursements (e.g. crematorium and/or burial,) where the rise in these costs have exceeded the plan growth.